Arrived in Banff

Note – while Owen is on the Tour, he plans to send notes when he can and I’ll post the info on his blog for him. Here is Owen’s first update sent to me this evening around 9 p.m. central time. -Myrna

Here’s my journal from today:

6/8 – Travel to Banff

Woke at 5:00, made pot of coffee and finished some final bill pay items for June and July. Added helmet and top tube bags to bike box. Sealed box and wrote address on outside. Looks like it will make it to Banff. Said goodbye to Rose and Ryan before school and then Myrna at the airport.Owen airportI’m a bit afraid and nervous, mostly about my bike getting there undamaged. I also realize this is a one way trip. The decision point has passed and the only way is forward through the wilderness to Antelope Wells. At least I have no temptation to quit or end early. We’ll see how I feel further into the ride. I’m also nervous about meeting the other riders. Will I be taken seriously? I’m not in this to win, just to finish in the time allowed. I wonder if the other riders are nervous? Maybe.

My mind keeps going over all the details. What I packed, the route, food and lodging. How will it all work out? Don’t know. But it’s part of what makes this an adventure. I hope I feel less nervous once I get to Banff and certainly once I start riding. How much will it be like riding in Minnesota?

Several other Tour riders on the bus (Myrna’s note – Owen flew to Calgary then took a shuttle bus to Banff). My bike box is in good but not great shape. Handles are torn. Interesting to hear people talking about Lael and I know who she is. 🙂 (Lael is the amazing racer who won the women’s category last year and set a record then did the ride again a couple of weeks later and beat her own record)

I just spent a couple of hours unpacking my bike and putting it together. No damage and I dumped most of my medi-pack since it was duplicated with the other stuff I brought. Found my first mistake: the Spot tracker takes AAA batteries and I bought AA by mistake. Oh well, I can use the AAs in my battery charger box or donate them. Dinner is next. I’m waiting for a guy named Dave to come back. I think I’ll eat dinner with him. Then it’s off to bed. I’m planning on riding first thing in the morning.

Fargo in Banff



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