Packing for the Tour Divide

Note from Myrna – Owen started a blog post to show pictures of his bike setup with his gear and bags but he didn’t have a chance to finish the post before he had to leave for Banff. So, I’ll give it a shot and post the pics for him. I’m lacking on many gear specifics but Owen can fill you in on a more detailed gear list later on.

Most of the cycling specific gear was purchased at Milltown Premium Adventure Goods (aka Milltown Cycles). The rest of the gear came from REI Coop and Valley Bike and Ski.

On Owen – Bontrager jersey, waterproof jacket, helmet, knee high Sock Guy socks, Bontgrager fingerless gloves, Pearl Izumi shorts, Shimano shoes, Giro bike helmet with mount for light on top.

Clothing on Owen

Bag: Revelate Sweet Roll (less Manta Flap)
Gear: Sleeping – sleeping bag, bivvy sack and air mattress

Sleeping gear

sweet roll packed

Bag: Revelate Viscacha seat bag with dry bag from Outdoor Research inside.
Gear: Clothing – Wool long sleeved base layer, Pearl Izumi shorts, Pearl Izumi shoe covers (I don’t see them on the picture, however), Pearl Izumi waterproof gloves, socks, compression socks, beanie, sun sleeves, Tandem Bagels cap, Outdoor Research down jacket, rain pants, rain hood, Buff, 45NRTH merino gloves, arm warmers & leg warmers.


Bag: Must Stache frame bag – custom made by David Markman (David is the bike packing expert at Salsa Cycles and has helped Owen a ton. David is also racing the Tour Divide)
Gear: Personal and bike gear – including sunscreen, chamois butt’r, wipes, water bladder, water bottles (will be on front fork), bear spray, tissues, bug repellant, baggies bike pump, medical kit, passport, multi tool, air cartridges, patch kit, maps, etc.IMG_3043IMG_3044

Other Bags: Owen is carrying two Revelate Mountain Feedbacks, a Revelate Jerry Can and a Revelate Gas Tank.
Gear: Inside he will have food and other gear including:  iPhone, batteries, chargers, gps and backup gps, bike lights, etc.


Here’s a picture that shows all of the bags full of gear packed on Owen’s Salsa Fargo.

Fargo in Banff

That’s all, folks!


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